study in U.S.A

The students can choose the colleges and Universities of their choice.

The following are the few of the best choices by Indian Students:

  • The College of Central Florida
  • The New York Institute of Technology 
  • California Institute of Advanced Management
  • Bristol University

The Checklist and Basic Details of the U.S.A Study Visa Process:


Step 1: Offer Letter

  1. Resume
  1. 10th to Higher Educational (Certificates and d.m.c’s and final certificates)
  1. Experience letters if gap any
  1. Passport copies
  1. I.E.L.T.S Score Card.   Basic Visa Requirements:

Master’s Degree: 5.5

Undergraduate: 5.0,

Diploma. Without I.E.L.T.S (where the medium of instruction is English).

  1. Passport Sized Photo

Step 2: Application Fee 

A non-refundable application fee varies from $50 to $250.

  • Bank Statements to show financial capability:

Student must explain the source of your funds.

Submit a certified statement by a bank of available funds to cover all expenses (approximately $12,000 per year).

  • Dependent: Add $4,000 USD per dependent annually to the total available funds.

Step 3:  I-20

Every College/University has different non-refundable I-20 processing fee. Varies from $200-$500 U.S.D

Step 4: Visa Appointment

The appointment will be taken after the applicant pays Non Refundable $200 U.S.D for appointment charges. The candidate have to appear at nearest U.S Consulate for Embassy Interview.

Step 5: Visa Approval

The Student pays the rest of fee in College/University account after Visa Approval.

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