Study in New Zealand

Why Study in New Zealand ?

There are over 100,000 people who go and study in New Zealand every single year. Students come from Europe, South East Asia, the UK, North Asia, Japan, South America, India, and Australia, amongst many others.

This country of just over 4 million people is an easy going and one of the safest places on this earth with high quality living conditions and a modern lifestyle.

New Zealand is famous for its amazing scenery, is a great country – a fun place to visit and a superb study destination. New Zealand has an international reputation as a provider of quality education.

  1. The people

Kiwis are some of the most amazing, loving, and welcoming people that the students will ever meet.

  1. The stability

The economy is actually incredibly stable, the cost of living is low, and the government is more stable than the governments of all other countries.

  1. The Weather

Nothing can get better than the weather in New Zealand. The winters are mild, with temperatures around 10ºC (50ºF) and slightly wet. In higher altitudes there is snow. In the summers, the climate is warm and dry with temperatures around 25ºC (77ºF).

  1. The educational system

The degrees are recognized around the world as qualifications are globally recognized.

As being up-to-date and practical. There are a number of government appointed bodies responsible for approving qualifications in New Zealand and for the quality that determines the delivery of qualifications. These bodies are:

  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) 
  • New Zealand Vice-Chancellor’s Committee (NZVCC)
  1. Work opportunities

There are plenty of work opportunities available for international students. A student is allowed to work up to 20 hours a week through the semester; during vacations they can work up to 40 hours.

  1. Ease of visa acquisition and residency

The visa acquisition process is incredibly simple, and unlike many other countries, the students will not be rejected right away. They get to talk to people and tell them their side of the story if there is something that may prevent them from getting a visa to come into the country. New Zealand welcomes immigrants more than almost any other country in the world.

  1. Migration and Job search Opportunity

Opportunity to settle permanently in New Zealand: – If a student complete his/her course successfully, he/she automatically gets a 12 months ‘Work Permit’ under the student visa policy. In most instances this permit will be done at institution itself. This allows students to work full time in any job of their choice. However if a student wants to get a New Zealand Permanent Residency (PR), then he/she has to find a job that is relevant to the course that he/she has completed.


Cost of Study & Living Expenses

An undergraduate degree generally costs between NZ$ 18,000 and NZ$ 25,000 per year.

Postgraduate studies can cost between NZ$ 10,000 and NZ$ 30,000.

The cost of living in New Zealand can vary between NZ$ 7,000 and NZ$ 12,000 per year. There are private accommodations approximately NZ$ 600 per month, flat accommodation approximately NZ$ 500 per month along with a bond.

New Zealand’s best chosen Category 1 Educational Services Providers are as following:

Sr. No. Name of College /Institution Website
1 Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
2 Canterbury College
3 N.Z.M.A
4 AIS Helens
5 Kiwi Institute of Training and Education
6 Queens Academy New Zealand
7 N.Z.T.C
 8 UUNZ Institute of Business


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